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Infected Mode (Reposted From the Admin/ Guard Section)

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07-25-2018, 03:59 PM #1
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Before I came to PC I always used to play modern warefare 3 and the infected game mode was one or even the best game mode . 
I haven't ever seen an Infected type of mode on CSGO only Battle Royale which still isn't that fun as it is poorly made. 
If ZU makes an infected mode then it could bring some new traffic to the community but I wouldn't know how to set up , just an idea someone could develop further ? 

one person gets selected to have to try and kill someone with a knife (or a very low damage gun e.g glock) and if they kill someone they team up with them to try and kill everyone else for a set amount of time  like 10minutes on comp or wingman maps, or custom maps . 

The "infected" could be T's and the uninfected could be CT 
and the ct's can find or buy guns , possibly buy guns in a certain places (or find them) and buy health etc. 

This probably wouldnt be able to be exactly like the COD infected mode but the idea could be mirrored and made for CSGO 
Thanks for reading and please leave any ideas / opinions below<3

Angel    5iftAngel 

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